About Us

MaxRewards, Inc. is an award-winning, technology start-up dedicated to empowering people to make more rewarding personal finance decisions. MaxRewards develops the MaxRewards App and MinDebt Platform for Student Loans.

Anik Khan, Co-Founder and CEO, presenting at FinCon 2018. MaxRewards was the winner of the Fintech Startup Competition.

Our Story

My first job out of college was in management consulting. On my first project, my manager suggested I should open several credit cards to earn rewards from my personal and business expenses. At the time, I only had one credit card and had a very basic understanding of credit card rewards. After some research, I realized that credit card rewards could be extremely lucrative. I analyzed my spend, built basic financial models and evaluated several card combinations, and applied for the set I calculated would give me the most net rewards. I kept track of revolving category bonuses, and whenever I would swipe, I was conscientious about using the right card. My reward: over $20,000 in cash back, points, and miles I’ve mostly already redeemed for personal and family trips.

In my journey from being a credit card novice to a guru, I made a very important realization: most people grossly underutilize personal finance products. There are many reasons why, but one of the biggest factors is likely the exceptional complexity in making an objective, comprehensive decision in personal finance.

I started MaxRewards to unlock the power of personal finance for everyone. Our approach is to combine sophisticated math, beautiful design, and powerful technology to enable our users to make great personal finance decisions easily and effectively. We’re starting off with a product category that can unlock billions of dollars of value for our users: reward credit cards.

Our approach to credit cards is unlike any other. Instead of recommending a card in a category (e.g. “Best Travel Card”), we determine a user’s optimum wallet based on comprehensive and holistic analyses of over 1M different credit card combinations. We then guide our users on when to open a card, ensuring they maximize their chances of approval and earn their sign-up bonus. Our “Best Card to Use” feature factors all relevant reward rules and promotions shows users the best card to use at any merchant.

To help users stay on top of all of their credit cards, we built our own proprietary integrations with top issuers like American Express and Chase. MaxRewards is the only app that brings together spend, rewards, and credit scores all in one place.

We don’t view MaxRewards as just a way to get new cards, but a fundamentally different approach to personal finance. We’re empowering our users to truly unlock the value of an entire category of financial products, and we think the benefits will help them live a more rewarding life.

Our Values



Create things that matter, delight in the details, and always aim to exceed expectations.



Do what's right, especially if it's the hardest choice.



Dare to disrupt and never settle.



Remain genuinely considerate of and compassionate towards others.



Operate as one, well-coordinated organization.



Appreciate and leverage the backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our team and community members.

Our Founders

Anik Khan

Co-Founder and CEO
  • Former strategy consultant at Accenture
  • Former internal management consultant at Capital One
  • Started first business at 14 and won the Georgia Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award at 16
  • BS in Economics, BSBA in Finance from Georgia Institute of Technology, summa cum laude

David Gao

Co-Founder and CTO
  • Former software consultant at VMWare
  • Advanced Computer Security Certificate from Stanford University
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science from University of Michigan, cum laude
  • Benjamin Franklin

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

    Benjamin Franklin
  • Pablo Picasso

    Action is the foundational key to all success.

    Pablo Picasso
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.

    Abraham Lincoln

Make Life More Rewarding.

MaxRewards helps you earn thousands in credit card rewards from your everyday spend.

Winner of the FinCon Fintech Startup Competition.