About Us

Our mission is to educate and empower people to make better personal finance decisions. We achieve our mission by building easy-to-use apps that solve financially impactful problems.

Our app for student loan repayment is designed to help the 44M Americans with student debt figure out the best way to pay off their debt. Unlike any other platform or product in the industry, our app provides personalized, objective, and actional recommendations that may save many borrowers tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Our app for credit cards helps users maximize their credit card rewards. The average user is expected to earn over $3K in rewards over 3 years without having to change their spending habit.

Our Values



Create things that matter, delight in the details, and always aim to exceed expectations.



Do what's right, especially if it's the hardest choice.



Dare to disrupt and never settle.



Deeply understand and always act with genuine consideration for all impacted.



Act as one, highly-coordinated organization.



Appreciate and leverage the background, experiences, and perspectives of our team members and community.

Our Team

Anik Khan

Co-Founder and CEO

  • Former business strategy consultant at Accenture
  • Former internal management consultant at Capital One
  • Started first business at 14, and subsequently won the Georgia Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award at 16
  • BS in Economics, BSBA in Finance from the Georgia Institute of Technology, summa cum laude

David Gao

Co-Founder and CTO

  • Former software consultant at VMWare
  • Advanced Computer Security Certificate from Stanford University
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science from University of Michigan, cum laude

Adib Khan


  • Intern at Mixle, recipient of the 2016 Atlanta Braves App Challenge
  • Freelance iOS developer for 7 years

Daniel Sachs

Content Contributor

  • Executive at Control Risks, a global risk consultancy
  • Regular commentator for a variety of media outlets, including: Reuters, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Forbes
  • MS in Public Policy from University College London
  • GDL from BPP Law School
  • BA in Politics and International Studies from Warwick University.

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