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Loan Forgiveness Programs

There are programs that can forgive up to 100% of outstanding debt. We evaluate every one of them to see if they make sense for you.

Fixed and Graduated Federal Repayment Plans

These monthly payments are not tied to your income. We evaluate all fixed and graduated repayment plans to see if they make sense for you.

Income-Driven Repayment Plans

These plans can help reduce the burden of debt. We evaluate every long-term federal income-driven repayment plan to see if it makes sense for you.


Consolidation can give you additional flexibility and benefits on your student loans. We check to see if it makes sense to consolidate any of your loans.


Refinancing can be a great way to reduce your interest, but you lose the benefits associated with federal plans. We check to see if it makes sense to refinance any of your loans.

Tax-Filing Status

If you're married, the way you file your taxes can impact your monthly payment on certain income-driven repayment plans. We'll let you know if you need to file your taxes in a certain way.

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National Student Loan Data System Logo

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education's central database for student aid. You can enter your NSLDS username and password on our website to securely retrieve your student loans. You also have the option to upload your NSLDS "MyStudentData" file or manually enter your loan details.

If you have not already registered on NSLDS, we encourage you to do so. Using NSLDS will make entering your loans significantly easier and reduce the chance of errors.

Register on NSLDS

How The Student Loan Repayment Optimizer Works

  • 1 The app creates two scenarios: one where your loans are as-is and one where some or all loans are consolidated based on rules and best practices.

    Scenario 1–Unconsolidated:

    • Loan 1
    • Loan 2
    • Loan 3
    • Loan 4
    • Loan 5

    Scenario 2–Consolidated:

    • Consolidated Loan
    • Loan 4

    Why You Should Care: Consolidation can make you eligible for certain loan forgiveness programs, payment plans, and special payment terms. However, it may increase your interest rate.

  • 2 For each loan in each scenario, the app evaluates its eligibility for various loan forgiveness programs.

    Loan Forgiveness Programs:

    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
    • Teacher Loan Forgiveness
    • Perkins Loan Forgiveness
    • Loan Forgiveness After Certain Income-Based Repayment Plans

    Why You Should Care: Many borrowers are unaware that they are eligible for various loan forgiveness programs. However, while a loan forgiveness program can sometimes be the best option, if qualification requires paying loans off over a long period of time, then other strategies may actually be cheaper.

  • 3 For each loan in each scenario, the app evaluates its eligibility and terms for all major federal payment plans.

    Non-Income Driven Repayment Plans:

    • Standard
    • Graduated
    • Extended–Fixed
    • Extended–Graduated

    Income Driven Repayment Plans:

    • Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
    • Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE)
    • Income-Based Repayment (IBR)
    • Income-Contingent Repayment (ICR)

    Why You Should Care: Federal payment plans can have complex terms and conditions. However, figuring out what you're programs and terms you are eligible for is critical for figuring out your repayment strategy.

  • 4 For each loan in each scenario, the app applies the best loan forgiveness program and calculates payment information for all eligible federal and private repayment plans.

    Payment Information:

    • Loan Amount
    • Interest Rate
    • First Month's Payment
    • Last Month's Payment
    • Expected Total
    • Expected Total Interest
    • Expected Forgiveness

    Why You Should Care: The only way to figure out the best approach is to crunch all the numbers. This can be a lot: for an individual with 5 loans where all 5 can be consolidated, up to 90 repayment plans may be calculated by the app.

  • 5 The app identifies the option for each loan that reduces the total amount you will have to pay, given your maximum ability to pay for loans.

    Process Used to Determine Best Repayment Strategy

    1. For Each Loan
    1. Determines budget allocation
    2. Filters out plans that go over monthly budget
    3. Selects plan with the lowest expected total
      This is the best plan for a loan
    2. For Each Scenario
    1. Calculates expected total monthly for all loans in a scenario using the best repayment plan for each loan
    3. Overall
    1. Selects the scenario with the lowest expected total
      This is the best repayment option

    Why You Should Care: The final recommendation is mathematically your best bet for paying off your student loans.

  • 6 Based on what the app identifies as your best plan, it creates a clear repayment plan that shows every step you need to take.


    • Step 1
    • Step 2
    • Step 3
    • Step 4


    • Step 5
    • Step 6
    • Step 7

    Why You Should Care: A great recommendation not taken won't save you money. We make it easy for you to follow through with your student loan repayment strategy.

  • 7 (optional) You have full access to all calculations performed by the app and can easily change any assumptions made.


    • See payment information under each eligible payment plan for each loan
    • Manually define what loans to consolidate
    • Change interest rates used for refinancing calculations
    • Change tax-filing status (if married)

    Why You Should Care: See exactly what we did so you have full confidence in your results.

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