Make Life More Rewarding.

MaxRewards helps you earn thousands in credit card rewards from your everyday spend.

Winner of the FinCon Fintech Startup Competition.

How It Works

1. Connect Your Accounts

Securely link your existing bank and credit card accounts. We’ll analyze your transactions to identify how much you spend in each category every month.

2. Set Your Preferences

Indicate your goals and preferences, and we’ll factor them into our analysis.

3. Review Your Results

We analyze millions of different credit card combinations to find the one that maximizes your rewards. Want to adjust your results? Simply go back and modify your spend and preferences.

What We Consider
  • Your Expected Approval
  • Everyday Base Rewards
  • Category Bonus Rewards
  • Revolving Category Rewards
  • Bonus Limits
  • Sign Up Bonus and Expected Qualification
  • Intro and Ongoing Annual Fees
  • And Much More

4. Follow Your Action Plan

To maximize your chance of approval and your odds of earning all of your sign-up bonuses, open cards when and in the order we suggest. We'll walk you through every step–even helping you track your spend towards your sign-up bonus.

5. Use the Best Card

Before checking out, glance at MaxRewards to determine the best card to use at that merchant. We'll factor in all the relevant rules and promotions so you don't have to.

The average user earns over $2K in net rewards.
How much will you earn?

The Only App That Brings Together Rewards, Spend, and Credit

  • See all of your rewards and their expected dollar value in one screen.
  • Quickly see how, when, and where you've earned your rewards.
  • See your current balance across all of your cards.
  • Understand your spend over time, by card, and by category.
  • See credit scores from all of your issuers.
  • Dive into any score to see your full credit history and credit factors.

    View spend, reward, and credit information for cards associated with the following issuers:

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    Designed for Beginners, Pros, and Everyone in Between

    Build Credit and Earn Rewards

    Just have one credit card? Never had one? MaxReward will help you become more conscious and knowledgeable about your spend, rewards, and credit.

    Top Features for Beginners:
    • Find the best cards for you
    • Track your spend towards your sign-up bonus
    • Know the best card to use at any merchant
    • Understand your spend and credit utilization
    • Review your credit score and understand your credit factors

    Manage Your Cards Easier

    Already have 5+ cards? MaxRewards makes it easier and faster to manage all of your accounts, cards, and rewards.

    Top Features for Pros:
    • See your rewards and their expected dollar value across all of your cards in one place
    • Track your credit card spend over time, by category, or by card
    • Review all of your credit scores in one page
    • Understand the best cards to use at any location
    • See what new cards you should get, what you should keep, and what you should probably close

    Elevate your credit card game.

    Your Security, Our Priority



    We use bank-level, 128-bit encryption to transfer all financial data.



    We do not share your personal or financial information with any third parties for marketing purposes.

    Read Only


    We only have read-only access and cannot modify your financial accounts.

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    Make Life More Rewarding.

    MaxRewards helps you earn thousands in credit card rewards from your everyday spend.

    Winner of the FinCon Fintech Startup Competition.