Marriott Rewards Program Overview

By Anik Khan
Updated June 4, 2019


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Depending on the card and your Marriott status, points can be worth upwards of 1.1 cents apiece. It’s important to be careful when redeeming your points, however, as many options are far from ideal (e.g. gift cards, which can be redeemed for as little as 0.3 cents per point).

Expected Value
  • MaxValue Domestic Weekend Stays (Over 1.1 cents per point)
  • MaxFlex Transfer to Partner (varies, but at least 1 cent per point)
  • Expected Value 0.7 cent per point  


Marriott Rewards points are earned primarily through card spend and hotel stays, the latter of which can result in massive bonuses, but also through purchases with Marriott’s partners (e.g. Hertz). The Marriott Rewards program includes three Elite levels:

  • Silver (reached after 10 qualifying nights): 20% bonus on points for stays, and more
  • Gold (reached after 50 qualifying nights): 25% bonus on points for stays, and more
  • Platinum (reached after 75 qualifying nights): 50% bonus on points for stays, and more

In late 2016, Marriott and Starwood officially merged, which opened access to a slew of new redemption possibilities. 1 Starpoint is worth 3 Marriott Rewards points, which makes transferring points an often beneficial prospect (3 Marriott Points = 2.1 cents; 1 Starpoint = 2.4 cents), though there are some instances in which high-value Marriott redemption alternatives are a far better use of points than lower-value Starwood redemption alternatives. Be sure to conduct your due diligence on the redemption before pulling the trigger.

What exactly are the points worth?

Marriott Rewards points are worth at least 0.7 cents apiece, though they can be redeemed for both slightly more and far less. For instance, when redeeming points for hotel stays, their value can range from 0.8 cents per point for international weekend stays to 1.1 cents per point for domestic weekday stays. Moreover, with Marriott’s Seasonal Awards and PointSavers programs, you can save 25% and 33%, respectively, on bookings. When booking extended stays, points also become more valuable. For instance, if you redeem for a five-night hotel stay, the fifth night is free. Poorer deals include gift cards and merchandise, which can earn you as little as 0.2 cents for each of your points. Points can also be transferred to partner airlines, whose transfer rates vary.

Redemption Examples

Redemption Alternative Points Cents / Point Value
Domestic Stays10,0001.1$110
International Stays10,0001.0$100
Gift Card10,0000.3$30
Travel Packages10,0001.0$100


Redemption Values

  • Domestic Stays
  • International Stays
  • Gift Card
  • Merchandise
  • Travel Packages

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