Student Loan Repayment Guide

The comprehensive review of student loan repayment options to help map your journey to student debt freedom.

Today, more than 44 million Americans have student debt. That’s 70% of all students in the US. Whether you’re a college senior or recent graduate, managing your student debt can feel overwhelming; the average student owes a whopping $27,857! Many students are also carrying multiple different types of loans.

All of this can be stressful to deal with. Not only are there risks such as missing a monthly payment but making the right decisions over your student debt can have long term implications for major life decisions, such as when to buy a home, get married or have children.

Additionally, the sheer volume of information out there on debt management, much of which is either confusing or misleading, prevents many students from making better decisions regarding loan repayment.

Here at MaxRewards, we have put together a simple easy-to-use guide to help you navigate your debt repayment options.

Consolidation and Refinancing

Deferring Payments

Forgiveness Programs

Getting Out of Default

Payment Plans

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